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Everyone wants to eat healthier, but who has time to sort through all the confusing and conflicting claims to understand what foods are best? And, is what's best for you the same as what's best for me when I might have a peanut allergy, and you might be seeking high sources of protein?

ShopWell empowers people to make better decisions about the food they eat. Why? Because shoppers who know the facts make better choices. Yet understanding what's right for you is difficult in a complex world where few tools exist to help you understand your choices in a simple, practical way. From this realization, ShopWell was born.

ShopWell is a free website and iPhone/Android app that scores foods on how well they meet your unique needs. With easy-to-understand nutrition information and personalized food scores, ShopWell gives you easy tools to find better products for you and your family. We take the work out of reading nutrition labels so that you can focus on buying what you want as quickly as possible. We help you shop smarter so that you can eat better.

This site is for you. Explore, learn, and send us feedback to let us know what you think.

Use Your Grocery List to Improve Your Health - Video About ShopWell

How We Score Foods

ShopWell takes the legwork out of deciphering nutrition labels by providing you with a single score for the food products that interest you, based on your unique needs. Specifically, the ShopWell scoring system assesses a product based on your age range, gender, and how well the product meets your ingredient and nutrition preferences.

These personalized scores range from 0-100 and are bucketed into three categories: Green scores (between 70-100) are a strong match for you, so are typically okay to eat in normal portions. Yellow scores (40-69) are a medium match for you, so you should read the labels carefully. Red scores (0-39) are a weak match for you, so should only be eaten occasionally in small portions. A warning hand and/or a zero score will appear for foods that contain an allergen you indicated in your profile, so avoid these foods. These scores are meant as guidelines. Although we follow strict quality assurance practices, please exercise caution if you have concerns or do have a serious food-related condition.

Our team of registered dietitians, Stanford University statisticians, and engineers combines its collective knowledge to evaluate food products on an ongoing basis. Assessing products' nutritional value using ingredient lists and nutrition labels, these experts evaluate products for different demographics based on Institute of Medicine guidelines and the most up-to-date research. From in-depth interviews to surveys of registered dietitians and medical professionals, we have distilled this nutrition expertise into ShopWell's algorithm that delivers scores for the products on our site. We strive to deliver the most current, accurate, and personalized evaluations of food products.

USDA MyPlate

ShopWell helps users interpret the Nutrition Facts panel by highlighting nutrients to get more of on a daily basis like calcium and fiber. It also highlights nutrients that should be limited or consumed in smaller amounts, like sodium and saturated fats, based on the nutrients impact on diet and health.


Americans spend $1 trillion a year on food and $2.9 trillion on healthcare. Join the company that’s using technology to improve shoppers’ food choices and positively impact health … and make the world a better place to eat.

ShopWell is America’s #1 free personalized nutrition solution that evaluates and recommends food based on an individual’s age, gender, dietary goals and allergies. ShopWell’s patented technology analyzes multiple dimensions of the ingredient and nutrition data for 350,000 products to create a personal score and suggest better-for-you alternatives for over a million US shoppers today. It’s like putting a Registered Dietitian in everyone’s pocket or purse.

ShopWell has a proven product with millions of downloads, enthusiastic users, a great team, and a positive, creative work environment. Our fast-moving, high-responsibility, trust-based environment is ideal for a passionate, courageous individual who loves to get stuff done and wants be a force for good in the world.

ShopWell’s offices are located in beautiful downtown San Carlos. We are close to the Caltrain, interesting restaurants and the bustling San Carlos downtown!

We don't have any openings right now but are always excited to hear from people with passion and an interesting background. Please send an email to careers@shopwell.com with your information and tell us a why you are excited about ShopWell

ShopWell is committed to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action-Employer, making decisions without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability status, age, marital status, protected veteran status or any other protected class.

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