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Help your patients make better decisions about what they buy & eat

ShopWell is a free nutrition tool for you and your patients.


ShopWell supports Dietitians to empower their patients to make better decisions about the foods they buy and eat. We support nutrition education and the work done by dietitians to educate patients. Like you, we believe that patients equipped with the right nutrition information make better choices.

ShopWell's goal is to give you tools to streamline food record keeping and education to allow you, the RD, to focus on counseling.

What is the RD Network?

The ShopWell RD Network is a select, pre-screened group of practicing Registered Dietitans who are interested in elevating the practice of dietetics through education, networking, and discussion. To join the RD Network, you must apply.

The ShopWell RD Network Provides:

  • A venue to connect with other RDs working with patients through meaningful discussion
  • A free resource to find and share nutrition information and patient education materials together in one place
  • A place to elevate your personal resume, your network, and your professional practice
Reach out (and be heard):
  • Blog for ShopWell to help you spread your expert advice and recruit new patients
  • Be featured as an RD on ShopWell to help enhance your online presence
  • Start a meaningful discussion within our RD Network group

ShopWell RD Network

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How does ShopWell help your patients?

  • Personalized Profiles
  • A Searchable Food Database
  • Customized Food Scores & Info
  • Suggested Alternatives
  • Easy-to-create Shareable Lists
  • Healthy Eating Made Simple!

How RDs are using ShopWell

ShopWell is one of those practical and free tools that is sure to help RDs in equipping their clients to meet their nutrition goals. It helps us to provide specific suggestions that will ultimately help in getting the right food into their pantries. What an excellent resource that I will be surely using in my private practice.
Angela Lemond, RD, CSP, LD